Tailored just for you

If you are looking for a private couple’s adventure, a family getaway, or a holiday with your best friends, Lira crafts every detail of your experience to suit your needs, wants and time frames. We dedicate time to get to know you, to find out what really matters to you.

A morning walk in fresh mountain air as the first rays of sun hit the peaks of the Andes. Listening to the story of a family winery told by a third generation winemaker as they proudly share their best vintage with you. The fresh scent of home-made marmalade on steaming, wood-fired bread, that warms your hands and soul in an 18th century estancia. Sneaking one of the first sips of that torrontes before it is sent to be bottled. A steak so tender that it is served with a fork and a SPOON. Making friends with the chef as they open their home for a closed-door dining experience.

Seeing, feeling, tasting, experiencing the passion that makes Argentina unique.

Contact us and, together, we’ll design your intimate experience through the beautiful country of Argentina.