Is with great merit that “The Wine Man”, Peter Bourne, has earned the right to the name in Australia. Those who know him and have had the pleasure to talk wines at his events or read his reviews would agree that 40 years in an industry driven by passion goes a very long, rewarding way.

We sat down for a short interview with Peter. Read on to find out something you might not already know about The Wine Man. Enjoy!

Lira Wine Experience: What sparked your love for wine?

Peter Bourne: It started with a bottle of 1967 d’Arenberg Burgundy. Not a ‘Burgundy’ at all but a Rhône style blend of Grenache and Shiraz. It was, however, in a burgundy-shaped bottle with the familiar d’Arenberg red strip across the label. Very special.

LWE: What is the most exciting thing you are currently working on?

PB: There are always exciting things on the horizon, and I can say now that I am very keen on a reconnaissance tour of the Sonoma Coast with the idea of taking a tour group of the California Coast wine regions (with Lira Wine Experience) in 2020.

LWE: Name one wine related thing on your bucket list.

PB: A visit to Georgia to see how wine was made 8,000 years ago. Georgian winegrowers are still using the same clay qvervi from those ancient times. It is truly unique and special.

LWE: For someone who would like to know more about wine appreciation, what’s one piece of advice you would give them to start?

PB: Taste, taste and taste! Good retailers offer free tastings every week. Take advantage of their generosity. There is a lot that can be learnt through professionals who are in contact with this industry and working on the tasting experience is the beginning of it all.

LWE: What is the biggest thing you’ve done for the sake of wine?

PB: Travelling to Champagne in 1990 for a 2-week ‘study’ tour, the prize for winning the Vin de Champagne Award that year. It was a life-changing experience.

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