Don’t we all have that friend who really knows wine? For us, that friend is Simone. Kiwi by birth, now based in Melbourne, “The Happy Wine Woman” is a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to our favourite drink. Apart from being a wine writer and educator, Simone is a valuable voice for the New World of wine as she devotes a lot of her work in sharing an understanding of the Australian and New Zealand industry. She also happens to be a “raving fan” of Argentine wines, after going there and tasting them herself straight from the source. I’m sure that those who have had the pleasure will understand why.

Today, we would love to share a short ping-pong of questions and answers for Simone, who is as excited as us about our upcoming trip together to some of the most special places we have discovered in Argentina through the lenses of food and wine. (By the way, you’re invited to join us on the trip this coming October. Click here to find out how).


LWE: What sparked your love for wine?

SMG: I think the story telling aspect of wine and the way it can transport you to another place with aromas and flavours appeals to my creative side – the way it conjures up images or reminds me of past celebrations or of the people who made the wine and the decisions they made to fulfill their hopes for the wine – that drew me into wine and continues to keep me engaged.

LWE: What is the most exciting thing you are currently working on?

SMG: Apart from preparing for the upcoming trip with Lira, I have a number of articles I’m working on about different wine regions in my home country of New Zealand. I enjoy the challenge of trying to communicate my enthusiasm about the topic in the hopes that someone would be tempted to explore those regions or at the very least to seek out wines from those regions.

LWE: Name one wine related thing on your bucket list

SMG: To visit the Sherry bodegas in Jerez – that is planned for September and I can’t wait!

LWE: For someone who would like to know more about wine appreciation, what’s one piece of advice you would give them to start?

SMG: Don’t be intimidated.

Wine language can be intimidating to engage with if it is new to you but it shouldn’t stop you from sharing your thoughts on aromas, tastes and preferences – that’s the great thing about humans, we are all different and it’s great fun learning about those differences through wine.

LWE: What is the biggest thing you’ve done for the sake of wine?

SMG: The two years I spent studying for the WSET Diploma were pretty intense. I hadn’t worked in the wine industry previously and although I had WSET Levels 2 and 3, the Diploma was significantly more demanding – and intimidating! Ultimately, it was a ton of fun and I learned a lot, but it is the biggest thing I have done so far for the sake of wine. That and giving up on the condition of my teeth – I’ve embraced no enamel and purple teeth for the sake of wine 🙂

So, comment below and tell us what have you done for the sake of wine?